Latest Technology

Technology helps us lead in the business

Big Time Recovery offers our expert skip tracers with all the latest technology on the market. Our professional agents have the top-rated technological solutions to easily track hard to find debtors and collateral. Our solutions are built upon a secure foundation that allows for continual growth as we form stronger bonds with our partners. This gave us the ability to complete stronger connections to propel our business further making us stand atop the competition.

Technology enables us to quickly and efficiently place assignments through our secure system that is integrated with the industry’s largest third-party technology platforms including IMS and RDN. This enables our clients to receive immediate updates, hold/close notifications, repossession notifications, condition reports, as well as other related documentation. Along with traditional recovery methods, each account is assigned with an LPR provider to go beyond 100% in our recovery efforts.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Our official network currently scans over 150 million license plates per month across the US and is still growing.

Utilizing DRN data, Big Time Recovery can locate assets that have gone off the grid quickly and effectively with this top of the line technology.

  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Reduce charge-offs
  • Locate assets where they aren’t thought to be
  • Use in combination with our traditional repossession and recovery methods