Skip Tracing

Our skip tracers are highly trained in locating people who want to hide.

Big Time Recovery prides our self in our ability to find and train the best skip tracers. Each of our agents is a skilled professional that can locate off the grid debtors and hidden or abandoned collateral.

Through extensive training, our skip tracers are fully equipped to deal with any recovery snag. They are persistent, committed, and maintain compliance with state and federal laws.

We guarantee our skip tracers are the best in the business. With the belief we have in our skip tracers, we can make a commitment to our clients; Big Time Recovery WILL NOT charge a close fee on undiscovered Debtors or unrecovered collateral. We do not know the word quit. Big Time recovery never gives up on an account. Each case is worked until the debtor is located or collateral is recovered.

Each of our skip tracers has gone through a 90-hour course in private investigations. They have been trained to use a plethora of recovery tools and technology to track onto debtors and collateral. The focus we put on our skip tracers is how we set ourselves apart from other similar companies. We ensure each account is worked accurately and responsibly to provide our clients and recovery agents reliable updates. This has helped us achieve a 70% recovery rate.

Our skip tracers understand that abiding by state and federal laws is mandatory. They have been trained and follow the

* Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
* Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
* Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Our agents take
* Annual regulatory compliance training and testing
* Quality control monitoring procedures
* Employee background checks & drug screening