License Plate Recognition




Big Time Recovery’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) is free with all skip accounts!  

Perks of using LPR include:

  • How does LPR work?

Our LPR hits are from cameras that are specifically created for license plate recognition, they capture images of license plates that pass within the camera’s field of view. These hits are then uploaded into our system so we can dispatch our agents to the exact location the license plate was photographed. It also helps having previous hits to watch if the unit frequents specific areas.

  • Quicker Recovery

LPR completely changes the recovery process. It gives us the ability to reduce recovery time by 50%. Agents immediately get dispatched to camera hits for on the spot recovery.

  • 24/7 Recovery

Our LPR network makes recovery a smoother, smarter process. We have access to thousands of LPR agents working nationwide to pickup assignments.